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Read now all 10 reasons why to use a fitness tracker!
1. Keep track of your progress

step counting statistics

The urge to know how much you have achieved in your fitness training project is natural. This is because, it boosts your motivation levels. These trackers assist in keeping record of your exercise statistics, generate info-graphics and reports. A good fitness device will include tools such as; calorie counter, step counter, distance tracker, speed and heart rate monitor. In our activity tracker comparison chart you will see a short overview of the devices.

2. Free workout trainer and tips

Some individuals may lack the funds and time to workout in a gym or hire a personal trainer. For such individuals, it may be hard to plan a workable fitness routine and adhere to it religiously.

Luckily, fitness tracking devices offer different workout ideas that are tailored to cater for your current fitness level.

In addition, some activity trackers offer a wide range of trainer profiles to train you with your desired workout intensity level.
3. Helps in setting achievable goals

The best way to ensure that you achieve the best exercise results is ensuring that you set realistic goals that are achievable.

For example, wanting to move from a sedentary lifestyle to complete fitness within one month is unrealistic. An activity tracker assists you to set and achieve realistic goals within the recommended time frame. This ensures that you do not get demotivated or tempted to quit halfway.
4. Monitoring your health
Sleep tracking data

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